Monday, November 22, 2010

MESS! big mess..


  1. oh cute mess...!!! I follow from some time your blog.....thousand kisses for you!!!!


  2. But what a beautiful mess !!!
    So excited to see your works in a little store in Surry Hills Sydney yesterday .... all your lovely birdcages were hanging in the window and your beautiful big white swan on the wall .... I know what I want from for Christmas now !!!

  3. PS ... just looking through your blog and I saw the flamingos you made, you must bring them back they are so great ... my daughter bought a plastic version yesterday (so kitch and so cute) but to have one by you would be divine !!!

  4. oh such a beautiful mess. Reminds me of a song by Yael Naim caller "far far". Your work is so beautiful, romantic, dreamy, and precious. We have some of pieces at Kisan where I work, and it's always so exciting to open boxes with new deliveries. We put one of the large bird cages in our holiday window, and the deer head is right by the entrance to the store.

  5. What a lovely pieces of mess. Just discovered you through Mandy's blog. An amazing discovery. Pruxxx